Epic Solutions

Meet the Graduates


She came through the business training in 2013. Her business is to grow vegetables which she sells to the local supermarket. She has a contract with this supermarket and so through this she has a constant demand for her products. She has rented out some extra fields (which she wants to now purchase) in order to keep up with the demand for the vegetables. For the most part she is growing quick-to-harvest type vegetables like lettuce and parsley so that the turnover is more frequent. She says that the main lesson she learnt from the business training was how to manage her money. Before the training she never kept track of what came in and how it was spent and they seemingly never had enough, but the training emphasis on budgeting and record-keeping has changed how she runs the business. She has got her family involved and they all run the business – from planting, to watering (by hand each day), to harvesting, packing and delivery. She showed us the fields which they own and rent for the business. The family have been able to build their own home and they are planning to buy a vehicle soon to assist them with deliveries. So business has been good.