Epic Solutions


Creating Employment

Unemployment is extra-ordinarily high here in South Africa and rising. And this is the case in many countries. One of the solutions we bring to help this is to help teach entrepreneurship. The course that we run launches the graduates to start a micro-business during the training and then in that experience they can see that they are able to run a small business going forward from there.

In Madagascar we trained a number of widows. 2 years later we met with them again. Their feedback was “My dignity has been returned”.  Before the training they had been in a position where it was necessary to beg for food from their community in order to feed their families. They had gone from the training and started businesses. What a joy it was to visit these various different ladies and see how their whole families are involved in the business – the children are in school, the families have built a house, or extended their home. We saw how their small businesses have changed their lives.