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Services - Deployment


  • In order to increase our reach and impact, we have developed a model and process that enables us to train trainers
  • We have strict selection criteria and terms for partnership and so we seek to partner with like-minded individuals or organisations who are willing to comply with all aspects of our programme, content and values
  • When we select trainers we are generally looking for someone with business experience who can become a trainer, someone with business experience who can lead the Business Sustainability Programme (BSP) which could be the same person as the trainer and often is. Ideally they should have business experience such as being a successful entrepreneur, business owner, accountant or manager.  They should also have a desire to teach and proven experience in teaching or training and their outlook on transforming lives & communities through business needs to align with our core objectives.
  • The Trainers need to be willing to purchase their own Training Kit, run the training 3-4 times per year and submit training reports within 1 month of running each group. BSP leaders need to purchase the BSP Pack and commit hold a meeting at least once per month for all graduates of the training.  There does not need to be a new Sustainability Group for each group trained.  As folks graduate, they can join the same BSP Group which also aids new graduates to obtain inspiration, encouragement and advice from prior graduates
  • Generally we will train “to be” trainers & leaders whilst we train a group who comprise of the typical demographic that the new trainer will seek to uplift and empower through our programme. The “train-the-trainer“ activity will therefore occur on site and consists of modelling how we run a training group as we actually do it.  This is followed by a “deep dive” where we go through all of the learning points, variations and how to teach them.
  • Our aim therefore is not teach our trainers the nitty gritty of business or how to teacher. Rather our aim to enable & empower others to use their existing business knowledge and through our programme and resources, transform lives and communities through business.  We currently have 31 active trainers across 13 countries around the world.