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The HIV/AIDs pandemic has affected many of the most impoverished nations leaving many families without bread winners and many households to be headed by children.  We have trained in many nations & cities where there are very high HIV infection rates where people have been marginalised because of their condition or thrown out of employment as a result of fear and poor understanding around the disease.  We have been able to train such people – love them, empower them and give them hope as they participate in our training.

One lady who came on our training in South Africa was a grandmother who came because all of her children had died of AIDS and now she was left to raise the grandchildren.  The last of her children died whilst this granny was on our training.  She buried her son in the morning and was at training in the afternoon.  We asked her why she wasn’t at home to mourn and her response was “You don’t understand.  I need this training as now I have to support all of my grandchildren”.