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Justice Issues

Domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual abuse are tragic injustices and yet sadly common place across all socio-economic societies.  These and other forms of gross social and economic abuse often displace people’s livelihood or ability to earn an income.  Sometimes this abuse happens when people are young and so education is limited or people get involved with crime or drugs or they spend time in jail which all impacts their ability to enter the job market.  Corruption and political injustice is also rampant in many countries around the world and seems to be getting worse.  As we see corruption and greed grow, once efficient and effective economies and job markets collapse into an ever growing informal sector where poverty and marginalisation of the poor is often the consequence.  There is also a striking correlation between the most corrupt nations in the world and the highest levels of poverty, unemployment and lacklustre economic growth – usually affecting the poor most.

We have trained many people affected by abuse or who have been victims of some form of social & political injustice.  Sometimes starting a business is the only way for a dependent spouse to break out or for someone with a criminal record to earn a living.  As economies fracture due to corrupt practises, the formal job market no longer offers as many employment options and so many more school leavers or university graduates need to start small businesses.  We trained a lady in Cape Town who was in a very abusive relationship which she stayed in for many years because she had no way to support herself.  She was a skilled seamstress and after coming through our training, registered a clothing business and now runs a business making and selling clothing.  Our training freed her from the abuse and suffering she was in and has given her hope, a new purpose and financial independence.