Epic Solutions



Our programme is built on 10 values that we teach and integrate into our training.  We believe that successful, sustainable businesses are built on strong values and principals as much as they are built on products and services that provide real value to their customers.  How the customers, suppliers and staff experience the relational aspects of your business will ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail. Much of the business community see profit as the primary goal of business however it is our view that a business needs to have a transforming impact in people’s lives as well as in the community that they serve.  We strongly promote ethical, non-corrupt business practices as we teach and train.

We see these 10 values much likes fruit on a tree.  When a business is built on solid principals, these 10 aspects will be evident in the way that customers, suppliers and staff perceive and relate to the business. For example, if we conduct ourselves and business dealings with honesty and integrity, we will become known as people who can be trusted.  We also need to plan, strategise, reflect, and respond to changing conditions thereby stewarding the business we own and in so doing, care for the people and assets we are managing.  Businesses don’t exist in isolation, hence partnership is critical for success.  Long term, mutually beneficial partnerships are built when we work with honesty, integrity, excellence and are trustworthy.  We also need to embrace diversity and through compassion, sacrifice and self-control, find ways to work together and build the economy for the good of the community.  Obviously sustainable profits are important for business survival but it is our belief that ethical business, built on strong personal character and values plays a major role in upliftment and community transformation.