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Business Sustainability Programme

  • The aims of our Business Sustainability Programme (BSP) are:
    • To assist entrepreneurs and graduates from our Business Training through the first year of running their business
    • To provide practical examples that can assist entrepreneurs to unlock challenges and implement sustainable solutions
  • The programme is for graduates of the training who desire to continue with the business that they started during the training or to begin a different one.
  • Graduates from the training can join our Business Sustainability Programme if one operates in their area. They typically meet once a month for coaching, further teaching and to discuss their business successes and challenges.
  • Our programme also seeks to look at the purpose of business and its role as a transformation agent to bring about social, economic, environmental and personal change. We also deal with character and ethical aspects of running a business such as trust, excellence, partnership, diversity, self-control, planning and stewardship.  Each meeting begins with teaching one of these aspects and how these can be applied.
  • Further teaching on business topics is also provided in areas such as marketing, how to price products, how to generate ideas, identify and evaluate opportunities, writing a business plan, managing assets and financial management. We also look at area for personal development such as meeting commitments, managing personal finances and assisting with social challenges.
  • Each entrepreneur is also given a chance to share on the prior month’s activities highlighting what is going well and areas where they are experiencing difficulties. The Group Leader and Business coach will then provide advice and help the entrepreneur/s develop action steps that they can take to overcome the barriers that they are facing.
  • Should a complex need arise, or if there are a couple of group members who are experiencing the same challenge, then we will invite an “expert” from our network to come and provide input on that subject. This includes expert assistance in drawing up a detailed business plan for each entrepreneur.